You can simply ember install the dependency like normal:
ember install ember-cli-typescript@latest
All dependencies will be added to your package.json, and you're ready to roll!
If you're upgrading from a previous release, see (./
Installing ember-cli-typescript modifies your project in two ways:
  • installing a number of other packages to make TypeScript work in your app or addon
  • generating a number of files in your project

Other packages this addon installs

We install all of the following packages at their current "latest" value, :
  • typescript
  • ember-cli-typescript-blueprints
  • @types/ember
  • @types/ember-data
  • @types/ember__*@types/ember__object for @ember/object etc.
  • @types/ember-data__*@types/ember-data__model for @ember-data/model etc.
  • @types/rsvp

Files this addon generates

We also add the following files to your project: